The value of reflective practice as research

In my lecture on critical writing I will refer to reflective writing, but we do not really have the time to go into this issue as much as I would like, so here is some additional detail.

The term reflective practice refers to our capacities to reflect in action (while we are doing something) and reflect on action (after we’ve done it). Reflective practice is recognised as a characteristic of design education and is recognised as vital to professional development in fields such as management, law, nursing, etc. It is especially important for art and design graduates as this from Liverpool School of Art and Design explains:

The adoption of a reflective approach to learning is very important for enhancing the employability of art and design graduates because many go on to be self-employed, a career pathway which requires a high degree of self-awareness in order for the most to be made of work opportunities as they arise.

Here are some brief and concise things you may wish to read on reflective practice:

This is a clear introductory guide to reflective writing.

Remember that useful and constructive reflective writing goes beyond a “dear diary” approach and explores and defines learning acquired through situations. Approached professionally and competently, it can be a critically important component of research.


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