The trouble with TED talks

As part of the required work for this module we are recommending some TED talks. You will find some links below in this blog section, and in the Readings section of this site. But it is important that you view these critically. Critical reading is one of the issues we cover in this module. Critical viewing is equally vital.

Writing a year ago in New Statesman, Martin Robbins makes a number of critical cases against the TED phenomenon, including this:

“One of the common charges against TED is that it’s elitist, and yet many of the speakers were the sort of people you might find at your local ‘Skeptics in the Pub’ event. The genius of TED is that it takes capable-but-ordinary speakers, doing old talks they’ve performed many times elsewhere, and dresses them up in a production that makes you feel like you’re watching Kennedy announce the race to the moon.”

So watch them. But watch critically.


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