Knowledge swatches

Knowledge swatches as extremely useful tools for making sense of data. So what are they?

Knowledge Swatches are simple and flexible tool to capture and make sense of research information as part of a design process.


The Knowledge Swatch tool was developed by Hazel White and graduate design students at the University of Dundee to catalogue, make sense of and share design research in a useful analogue and digital format. One of the challenges for the designer (and others) is ordering research and development information into retrievable and communicable formats. The relationship and hierarchy of information is dynamic and comes in and out of focus as a project develops.

This description comes from Hazel herself. You can find more detail from her here, with examples from others. There is also a brief online description from Jen Ballie on her use of knowledge swatches. The point of the idea is to adapt it to your way of working and thinking. Remember today how Maria Maclennan turned hers into jewellery? Here Jon Gill describes his as Wiki Maps.


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